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The name Staedtler is already associated with quality writing and drawing tools. Almost all of us will have used a Staedtler pencil at some point, with their Noris and Tradition ranges being classics. They’re the black and red or black and yellow striped pencils you probably used at school.

They also make some of the best art and technical drawing pens and pencils in the world, with products like the Mars Matic 700 technical pens, Mars Lumograph pencils, the 308 Pigment Liner, and the Mars 780C clutch pencil. Even their most basic products are known as some of the best available - the Mars Plastic may be a simple block eraser, but artists all over the world know that erasers just don’t get any better; and the Staedtler Stick is one of the best quality cheap stick ballpoints available.

Staedtler also have a long history, and an interesting story. The name goes back further than the company itself, to the days when Friedrich Staedtler, ancestor of the company founder, became the first craftsman to manufacture complete pencils himself from beginning to end. 350 years later, the company that bears his name is still making some of the world’s best pencils, and is still finding new ways to apply their craftsmanship.

Given this combination of quality, attention to detail, history and tradition, it makes perfect sense that Staedtler would be producing a range of luxury goods. Often, the companies that can produce basic products really well, can also make the very best luxury goods, as they can apply the same skills to crafting with more exotic materials.

The result is a luxury item that you can really use, not just leave on a shelf for display.

Staedtler Premium

The foundation of the Staedtler Premium range is the Initium. But the Initium itself isn’t a single pen - it's a range of complementary pens in different finishes; in resin, wood and leather. We stock all three of these sets of pens, with the resin Resina and Lignum wood finishes available as fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint and pencil; and the Corium leather finish available as a fountain pen and a rollerball.

The Pencil is a neat way of modernising the humble pencil. It’s still a pencil, with all the simplicity and usability that brings, but The Pencil is more. The top isn’t an eraser - it’s a stylus, for use with capacitive touch screens, as found on most modern phones and tablets. There is still an eraser, inside the extender and cap, which also hides the other thing you need with a pencil - a sharpener!

The Organizer Pen is a neat, slim metal pen that’s perfect to go with your organiser, in a choice of colours. There are also some beautifully made leather pen cases, and handy pen loops, to attach your Organizer Pen to almost any notebook.

Staedtler’s Premium collection goes well beyond these, though, with several other ranges that we don’t currently keep in stock. You can see more from the collection here. We can order any of these pens on request, so please get in touch with us if you’re interested.

  • The Corium Urbes pens celebrate many of the great cities of the world, with each pen paying homage to one city. From the skyline of Singapore to the Eiffel Tower in Paris; from the spires of St Petersburg to Tower Bridge in London, the leather is printed using a new ink technology Staedtler have developed. This allows intricate designs to be printed onto the natural leather, without changing the feel of the surface.
  • The J S Staedtler Princeps is palladium plated, with a body of European black walnut. The fountain pen’s nib is 18ct white gold, plated in Platinum.
  • The Albertus Durerus Noricus fountain pen is gold-plated, with a leather-wrapped barrel featuring a printed self-portrait of Albrecht Durer; while the Bavaria fountain pen is a very limited edition, with only 48 pens available worldwide. The barrel has a pattern of interlocking blue and white diamond-shaped lacquer pieces, while the clip is set with 48 diamonds.
  • A variety of J S Staedtler Accessories are also available, including wallets, writing cases, pen cases, and an elegant lead crystal inkwell.

**This competition has now closed. Thank you to everyone who donated**

Win a Staedtler Premium Initium Lignum

Staedtler Premium Initium Lignum

Staedtler are helping us with our special 'Pens for Kids' campaign to donate pens to children around the world who are struggling to get an education because of the lack of a simple pen.

They’ve also given us one of these new Premium pens - a beautiful wooden Initium Lignum fountain pen - to give away to one lucky customer.

We're putting the two offers together, so if you help us to help children to get an education, we'll give you a chance to win this pen. For every pack of Staedtler Stick pens you donate to our Pens for Kids campaign, you'll get one entry into the draw. If you have already donated, you’ve already entered the competition - all existing donations will count.

Donations of Staedtler Stick pens has now ended, but you can find out more ways to support Pens for Kids here.

The Initium Lignum fountain pen is on the way to the lucky winner, Adrian Middleton.

Staedtler Premium Initium Lignum Plum Wood

25 November 2013

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