Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen

We've come a long way in a short time at Cult Pens and August brought yet another milestone — the first Cult Pens pen. Introducing the Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen - a simple compact metal fountain pen designed for portability and all-round usefulness. Cult Pens Mini Fountain PenAt Cult Pens we have the widest selection of pens on the planet, but we still didn't have a compact fountain pen that we really liked. We still mourned the loss of our old favourite — the Pilot Birdie. The Birdie was a tough, slim pen that could go anywhere, surviving the rigours of travel and daily use, but still looked smart and wrote really well. We never understood why Pilot discontinued it. It was too expensive to make they said — but that was only an issue because they sold it too cheaply! Hey ho, what do we know?

Anyway, during a planning session down at The Rat & Rollerball we had an inspired thought — why not make our own? How hard could it be? Excited, we returned to Cult Pens Labs and started work immediately. Rummaging through the stores we found an assortment of broken pens, some superglue, a rusty file and a large hammer. After much bickering and bruised thumbs the resulting pen was brought to life with 5,000 kilovolts through the ink feed. Sadly it was an ugly, stupid thing which ran amok and could only be stopped with an iridium nib straight through the heart. There was Diamine Oxblood ink everywhere.

So we had a word with our good friends at Kaweco and asked them to do it instead. We waved our arms a lot and rambled incoherently at them for a while until they went away. In what seemed like the twinkling of an eye but was in fact 6 weeks, a prototype landed on our desk. Smart, tough, no-nonsense — our new pen ticked all our boxes:

  • Metal build (aluminium body, plated brass parts, steel clip).
  • Compact, but long enough to write comfortably with.
  • Fits an organiser loop.
  • Choice of nib sizes.
  • Screw-on cap.
  • Uses international standard cartridges.
  • Optional converter (just!)
  • Reasonably priced.

Of course we could have Kickstartered this thing, and the idea of (potentially) getting thousands of pre-orders would have helped enormously. But as we already had the right manufacturing partners and are completely fearless (or daft, take your pick), we just got on with it and ordered a bunch!

Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen

The pen body is manufactured in Japan by an experienced producer of pens and pen parts; it's then shipped to Germany where Kaweco mate it to one of their Bock nib units. Bock are one of the world's premier producers of fountain pen nibs. It’s the same nib unit Kaweco use in their premium ranges, available in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad or extra-broad. Replacement nib units are easy to obtain and very reasonably priced.

It's not packaged in a fancy way, in order to keep costs down, but it is boxed.

We're even throwing in a sample cartridge of our lovely Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue Ink, brewed especially for us by Diamine.

The manufacturer in Japan, Kaweco and Bock are all companies that know what they're doing — so we’re confident in the quality of our new baby — to the point that we’re giving five years warranty on them. At only £29.95 we think they’re a bargain too.

The Pen Addict podcast has already said: "everything you would expect and want from a product of this type". Over 10% of our initial manufacturing batch has already gone — to over 13 countries from Australia to the USA, via Latvia and Chile. Will we commission another batch, or make something new next time? We honestly don't know at the moment, so get yours before you miss out!

Win a Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen! (Competition is now closed — Thanks for all your entries!)

How would you like to win a Cult Pens Mini Fountain pen? Well you're in luck as we have 5 to give away! To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is tell us what features (practical, unusual or just down right wacky) you would include when creating your very own pen. Tell us all about your creations in the comment box below. The competition closes on the 27th September and the winners will be announced on the 30th September 2013.

Happy inventing!

2 September 2013


  • Nick 27 September 2013

    I recently purchased from CP the wonderful Stabilo mechanical handwriting pencil. Although not pretty, it really is a true joy to hold. Combine this with easily interchangeable nibs and a piston ink filler / interchangeable cartridge and one would have practical pen for all day use. Bliss!

  • Claire 18 September 2013

    Congratulations on the birth of your new pen! It looks great, especially when you say it fits an organiser spiral as that's my favourite place for snuggling down my pens and my beautiful pilot retractables don't fit. So apart from that, if i designed a pen it would have to have 1. A pressure proof ink chamber. I fly a lot and the ink always seeps out of the cartridge. 2. A little holder integrated in the cap for a second nib to give me a choice - I love broad nibs but sometimes you just need an extra-fine. 3. A laser in the cap so that I can keep my cats amused while I'm writing to stop them taking up their usual strategic position on the paper I'm trying to write on. 4. Fingerprint recognition so that it would only write when I pick it up to stop my colleagues borrowing it (or a large sign on the barrel saying "Hands Off!") :)

  • Rich 18 September 2013

    Dream pen: - international cart/converter - adjustable flow, easily interchanged nibs - flow closure valve so no leak in pants pocket or high altitude - durable construction - very smooth, wet extra fine nib

  • Anarkali 18 September 2013

    I want flexibility! My perfect pen would have metallic inks a wide choice of nibs including italic or stub. These could vary in quality from 'student' to 'luxury' a removable outer casing so I could change the colour and design according to my mood

  • Daniel Novotny 17 September 2013

    Aha! This would be my kind of fountain pen: very antique look, perhaps even made from parts designed and made in the previous century, similar beauty to the designs of Visconti pens, golden hand engraved nib, warm to the touch and yes, the dream feature, never runs out of ink, ever!

  • Laura Barnard 17 September 2013

    Hmm. Well, I think the first thing that would be great would be to be able to vary the line width. Maybe in an intuitive way, like a computer tablet pen does using pressure. Oh, hang on. They do that already, don't they. Hmm. Well, changing colours of ink would be great! Maybe the ink could be in some sort of capsule so you could switch them over. Oh, wait. Hmm. What about if they were wireless and battery free and small enough to fit in a pocket? There could even be a handy way to attach them to a pocket or bag. DAMMIT. Hmm. Fountain pens are pretty amazing things, aren't they?

  • D Shaw 14 September 2013

    Yellow! :D Having read through the above suggestions a theme has emerged, to whit, the ability to know the ink level inside your pen..... Hmmmm... I suggest using another brand new technical inovaton, that will be altering all our lives in the next five years! Graphene :D These are carbon molecules, only one atom thick, now being comercially produced in large sheets, with seriously useful mechanical properties. In our case: (i) totally impervious to gas and therefore ink, {{when used to line the inside of the pen's barrel}}; (ii) much stronger than diamond, but with 20% inherent, infinite, flexibility - it will shortly transform all touch sensitive input devices- smartphones/ TVs etc. {{which means you can use it as your ink window}} and (iii) is a million times better at conducting electricity, than copper - at present it can be made into miniscule detectors that use micro currents to inform you if some substance is present - alcohol/specific gases/genenetic code reading etc. {{so when you unscrew the pen cap, say, it generates enough electrical charge to immediately ascertain your current ink level and will be linked to some visual/mechanical "buzz" low warning system, that you can set.}} I know.. point (iii) is superfluous if you have an ink window already, but would be useful in pen designs, without the window! You're very welcome :D

  • Michael 11 September 2013

    My dream features would be ink that does not dry out inside the barrell and a nib that changes colour when it is wearing out. My writing usually becomes very 'inky' and dense before I realise the nib needs changing.

  • Imogen Callaway 10 September 2013

    I would want a fine fountain pen that is a multipen and can change ink at a twist of the cap, and is a very light nice pen to hold :) Oh and it would have to be in pink :D Also a huge range of refills for it! But I want a multi fountain pen :D

  • Peter Groves 10 September 2013

    Nowadays, putting one's thoughts on paper is so often not enough: my ideal pen would instantaneously save my writing in digital form, in The Cloud.

  • Gisele Benedicto 10 September 2013

    Light, slim, clean, modern and usual! A pen of today, whose writing makes me feel like I was in the last century. A pen for study, work, travel or just doodling, which turns every word into a eternal record. An elegant companionship for all occasions, whose value is related to the set of his qualities, and not just by his brand. A quality product, a pen for the whole life!

  • John the Monkey 10 September 2013

    A swap in brush nib unit, for ad-hoc brush pen sketching!

  • Dr Tarjei Park 10 September 2013

    Great style

  • Protovicar 10 September 2013

    In all fairness, folks have come up with some really clever ideas, and to be perfectly honest I doubt I could better them. And again, I have no need to win as I already have one of these lovely pens and I'm delighted with it. I got a fine nib which writes beautifully smoothly with just the right level of wetness. I've just ordered an extra fine nib to try too. And I agree with the comment that the Deep Dark Blue ink just seems to suit the pen nicely. I don't expect to win your competition but I do expect to buy another one of these - and some more DDB ink! To make the pen perfect, when you order your next batch and are negotiating with Kaweco I would only ask for an italic nib please - ideally in a choice from fine/medium/broad but that might be pushing it! So good luck to everyone else - I've really enjoyed some of these comments...

  • Lynne 6 September 2013

    My perfect pen would give me beautiful handwriting every time I use it!

  • Shaunette 6 September 2013

    I'd create a pen that would let me know when it's low on ink without me having to look. I always seem to run out halfway through a meeting.

  • Dave P 3 September 2013

    I'd spend ages getting the feel of the grip right. between the thread and the start of the nib. It is so so so important when writing for more than 15 minutes that the diameter is 'right' (sets the body diameter), the step from the thread is right, the 'lip' to the nib is right (inky fingers) that the length is right for 'my' fingers, that the concavity is right, again for my fingers to grip appropriately, that the smoothness is right - to grip on a hot and sticky day. I.e. it sets the pen. Get that right, with a good soft nib and I can ignore the rest. Easy.

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