Introducing Pilot's V5 & V7 Cartridge System

As you know, we are big fans of Pilot's V5/V7 original needle point rollerball, so you can imagine our excitement when the new Cartridge System offering arrived in our offices the other day. More on this in a moment but first a very brief overview of what made the original so great.

Firstly there was the name: The V5 or V7 Hi-Tecpoint, which does sound very cool, futuristic and geeky. And while the name may have made it stand out, it was the pen's features that turned it into a fan favourite and bestseller. Launched in 1983, the Hi-Tecpoint was one of the first pens to popularise the use of the needlepoint tip as well as introducing the world to their V-System ink controller, which ensures a steady and reliable flow of ink was always available at the tip. In fact, the success of the V-System in the V5/V7 range has seen Pilot expand the V-System collection into 19 different offerings, including the Grip, VBall, Vpen, Fineliner and of course the needlepoint rollerballs.

So what is the Cartridge System?

Having been at the forefront of many writing instrument innovations, Pilot have now taken the V5/V7 range one step further with the introduction of their Cartridge System pens. The Cartridge System has made the original even better, simply by making it refillable. If you are not a fan of change, don't worry as you still get all the great features of the original V5/V7 but with a stronger tungsten-carbide tip and of course the ability to refill. So when the ink runs out, you simply replace it with another cartridge just as you would a fountain pen.

V5 Old vs. New Design

No longer will you have to throw away your V5/V7 once the ink has run out, instead it is now just a case of changing the cartridge and continuing writing. What this all results in, as you might have guessed, is a pen you can use over and over again, resulting in reduced waste as you are throwing less away. Furthermore the new V5/V7 Cartridge System range is also part of Pilot's BegreeN scheme meaning it is made from 71% recycled plastic.

The Cartridge System pen from Pilot incorporates the best features from the original V5/V7 series and adds in some new ones to create what we think will be another classic. But what do you think? Tell us in the comment box below.

The V5/V7 Cartridge System pens are now available, find out more here.

28 January 2013


  • Marium 13 February 2013

    just wish there is a finer line pen (not technical pens) so i can write my notes on my workbook :D

  • Andy ZE 28 January 2013

    Very nice pen especially with the new tungsten carbide tip. The old ones used to be some sort of plastic I believe as I used to wear them down, sometimes with the smallest amount of nib left as the ink was just running out. The V5 is very fine so I think that it would be worth me trying the V7 as I prefer a wider line. Pilot catridges are not generic though so you will have to buy their catridges or refill them with a syringe if you want to save some money or have a wider range of inks available.

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