Kaweco - Big Brother Competition

The Big Brother has nothing to do with relatives, George Orwell's 1984 or reality TV. It is, in fact, an ENORMOUS Kaweco fountain pen, the sort the BFG might appreciate. You can't actually use it to write with, but you could hang it from the ceiling, or feature it as a particularly unique form of wall art.

So if you'd like it, all you have to do is email sales@cultpens.com by 16th December and tell us how long you think it is. We've kindly included Herbie in the photo to give you at least an idea of its size.

Terms and Conditions

  • Entry is by emailing your guess to us at sales@cultpens.com.
  • The winner will be the closest to the correct length of the Big Brother model pen. In the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen at random from the tied entries.
  • Prize will be the Kaweco Big Brother model pen, no cash alternative available.
  • Closing date is the 16th December. Winner will be announced by the 24th December.
  • Prize does not include a spaniel. Spaniel's decision will be final.

15 November 2016

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