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The DelGuard mechanical pencil from Zebra offers a neat solution to an age-old problem with mechanical pencils - broken lead. Their unique, patent-pending double-spring mechanism secures the lead and offers protection from breakage no matter what the writing style, or the angle at which the pencil is used. This ER version adds a bit of magic to the replaceable eraser, too.

The lead feed mechanism is held between springs, so pressing down hard enough will make the lead spring gently back into the pencil, giving a cushioned feel to writing and drawing. There are other pencils with cushioned lead mechanisms, but the DelGuard's is particularly good.

The DelGuard's special trick, though, is protecting the lead from pressure at an angle, too. When writing, you're usually holding the pencil at an angle, which means a lot of the force on the lead is sideways, tending to make it snap. The DelGuard's lead tube actually slides down the lead to hold it when you apply sideways pressure. Write too firmly, and the tube jumps forward to protect the lead so it doesn't snap. In our testing, it seems to be super effective.

The DelGuard ER adds a solution to another problem you might not have realised you had. Erasers on mechanical pencils are very handy. Sometimes they're left exposed at the end of the pencil, but then you're clicking lead forward with the eraser, and it gets dirty, and it sticks against the side of your pencil case or pocket. But at least when you need to erase, it's right there ready to go. More often, they're undercover. That keeps them protected from pockets, cases and thumbs, but means you have to pull the cap off to erase, and take care not to lose it.

So what's needed is an eraser than hides away when it's not needed, but just appears on the end of the pencil when you do. But that would, of course, require magic. And magic isn't real.

Well, not over here, no, but Zebra are Japanese, and if we've learned anything from the anime we've watched, it's that Japan has magic. To the land that gave us Poké balls, Usagi's hair in Sailor Moon, and the flying suits from Attack on Titan, a magic hiding eraser is no trouble.

When you're using the pencil to write or draw, there's no eraser. Press the button for more lead, and you don't touch the eraser. Turn the pencil over to ease, though, and - magic! - the eraser pops out of the end ready to use. OK, gravity could do that part, but here's the clever bit - now, the eraser is fixed in place, and you can push against it. It won't retract back in. But when you flip the pencil upright again, it's gone. Magic.

Rubber comfort grip. 0.5mm lead. Supplied with HB lead.

Additional Information

Product Code:ZB58465
Advance Mechanism:Push-Button
Ink Type:Graphite
Refill Type:Eraser, Lead
Tip Size:0.5mm
Was £12.00 inc VAT £10.00 ex VAT £12.00 inc VAT £10.00 ex VAT
Features a magic eraser!

Spend £15 on Zebra products and get a Zebra shaped stress ball free!

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  • Mechanical pencil with lead protection system
  • Less lead breakage - perfect for the heavy-handed or for rough scribbling!
  • ER version includes magic hiding eraser!
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£12.00 inc VAT £10.00 ex VAT £8.50 inc VAT £7.08 ex VAT



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ZB58465-BK In stock
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ZB58465-BU In stock
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ZB58465-SI In stock
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