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Stalogy - Japanese design at its best. They aim to raise the standard of stationery by removing whatever is unnecessary, leaving behind products so good, they should have already existed. "What should have been, is."

This is a very good example of something that should have already existed. Imagine a stick-note. But imagine it bigger. One note is the size of a pocket notebook in that (fairly) standard 90x140mm size, and that's the small version. Got that? OK, now imagine the low-tack adhesive is across the whole of the back, not just a little strip at the top, so it'll stay put well, but still be removable when you want to.

Now here's the jump - imagine that big sticky note is pre-printed as an undated calendar page for a month. Month names at the top, so you can just circle the month you're using it for. Graph grid section below that for a few quick notes for the month. Then, below, that, a grid with the days along the top, so you can just add the dates in the squares to make a calendar.

Well, you just wasted a lot of imagination, because that's what this is. At this point, some of you are wondering what the point of that would be, while others are trying to throw money at the screen.

If that sounds like an amazing idea to you, there's one thing to be aware of - those squares for each day are quite small. You'll need very small writing to make much of a note, but it's fine for a quick overview of the month at a glance. If you're sticking it to a notebook, you could add page numbers for where you have more notes for a day. You could just add initials for your more common appointments - you might have to get a bit creative, but it's worth it.

Small size is 90x137mm, Medium is 115x160. Small can just about fit in a 90x140mm pocket notebook, or comfortably in an A6 notebook. Medium fits nicely in a B6 notebook, or quite easily in an A5 notebook.

Or they'll fit pretty easily on most walls! Or attach one to the back of a tablet, on the back of the screen of a laptop, or wherever you have a handy flat surface! 13 in a pack, covering you for a year, plus one spare.

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