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Stalogy - Japanese design at its best. They aim to raise the standard of stationery by removing whatever is unnecessary, leaving behind products so good, they should have already existed. "What should have been, is."

But that raises the obvious question - yes, this is, but what is it? A notebook? A journal? A diary?

After giving it some thought, we're going to go with 'yes'. It is all of these things. It's a well-made notebook, with lots of pages (368 pages, so one a day for a year, with a couple of spares). The pages are lightly gridded, so it could be a squared notebook. It's light enough that it's not too difficult to ignore, though, if you don't need a grid for what you're doing.

And right at the top of each page, in tiny letters and numbers, there's every date. All the months of the year, and the days of the week, and the numbers 1-31. Ignore them if your notes aren't date-specific, but if they are, it'll only take you a few seconds to underline today's date and turn a page into a journal entry or a plan for the day. (Circle or highlight if you prefer - it's all very flexible!)

And, almost unnoticeable at first, there are times in tiny digits down the edge of the grid. Again, they're easy to ignore when you don't need them, but if the day needs some planning, either the whole page, or just the left edge of it, can quickly become a visual summary of what you're doing and when. A5 sizes cover all hours of the day, while the smaller sizes miss out the hours you're more likely to be asleep than planning events.

In keeping with Stalogy's minimalist style, there's nothing extra. There's no expanding rear pocket. No elastic closure. No ribbon bookmarks. No pages for contents, No map of the world to mark with your travels, and no imperial to metric conversion page, or handy page to check what your shoe size is in the Philippines. There are no calendar pages, but Stalogy would probably like us to remind you that they make handy sticky-note style calendar sheets that could stick inside on any page.

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Product Code:SG67498
Item Colour:Yellow
Page Layout:Squared
Paper Size:A6
Minimalist Japanese stationery
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Stalogy 365Days Notebook A6 Yellow
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£24.00 inc VAT £20.00 ex VAT

or 6 interest-free weekly payments for orders over £30 Laybuy.

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