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Kaweco squeeze converter for Kaweco Sport fountain pens. A miniature squeeze-sac converter allowing the use of bottled inks with many compact fountain pens that can normally only use short international standard cartridges.

Due to the tiny size of this converter, it has quite a limited ink capacity and takes some patience to get it filled completely. Will fit almost any pen that uses international standard cartridges - and it will even fit the Kaweco Lilliput! Some pens are incompatible, so if you would like to check compatibilty prior to ordering, please contact us.

How to fill: if you aren't too concerned with how much ink you have in the pen, just use this like any other squeeze converter - dip the whole of the nib, and a little of the grip section, into the ink, squeeze the converter firmly, and release. Repeat a couple of times, until no air bubbles appear when you squeeze.

If you want to get as much ink as possible into the converter, remove it from the ink after filling, and turn the pen nib-up. Wrap some tissue around the nib to catch any ink that should spill out, and squeeze the converter again, carefully and slowly. You should see bubbles appear near the base of the nib, and eventually, ink may start to appear. At this point, you should have squeezed most of the air out of the converter. Keep it squeezed, while dipping the nib back into the ink. Release the pressure, and the converter should draw more ink up into itself. Be warned - this can be messy!

It takes a little practice, but once you know how, you can get most of the converter filled.

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Product Code:KW28254
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Miniature squeeze converter for pocket pens
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Kaweco Mini Squeeze Converter
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£2.50 inc VAT £2.08 ex VAT
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