Kutsuwa Stad Adjustable Desktop Pencil Sharpener Zoom Kutsuwa Stad Adjustable Desktop Pencil Sharpener

A delightfully cute desktop sharpener from Kutsuwa.

As with all desktop crank sharpeners,  all you need to do is pull the front panel forwards, insert your pencil into the hole and slide the gripper lever shut - this will hold the pencil in place and pull it into the sharpener whilst you turn the crank.

The exciting part of this sharpener is that the point it will put onto your pencils can be adjusted to suit your purpose.

Most people only occasionally use a wood-cased pencil, and any sharpener will do. For those of us who enjoy using pencils more, the shape of the tip starts to become important. There are specialist sharpeners that put a longer, thinner point on the pencil, which are perfect for detailed work or just for a tip that stays fine enough to use for longer; and there are sharpeners that give a more blunt point, often used for coloured pencils. The problem is that you need a different sharpener for each.

Unless you have an Adjustable Sharpener from Kutsuwa.

It has a numbered dial, and turning the dial changes the point it will put on your pencil, from a relatively blunt tip suited for coloured pencils or very soft graphite leads, to a long point that's good for detailed work with harder lead grades.

How does it work then? The design is delightfully simple and typically Japanese:

  • A twist on the dial rotates a "snail cam" on the inside of the sharpener.
  • This in turn moves the blade unit of the sharpener up and down as you turn the dial.
  • According to the chosen setting, the blade will be moved to change the angle at which it will sharpen.
  • A setting of one will put a short, blunt point on your pencil, whereas the number five setting puts a long-point finish on the pencil.

The long point settings 3-4 are best suited to pencils ranging from 2B-6B whilst the number 5 setting gives the best results with HB or harder pencils. Settings 1-2 are best reserved for coloured pencils or very soft graphite lead pencils, or for pencils to be used by children, where you don't want the tip to be too sharp. A shorter tip will be less prone to breakage, while a longer tip will stay usefully sharp for longer if the lead doesn't break.

The 'Push' button in the centre of the crank is for removing any snapped pieces of lead that might end up in the pencil. Removeable shavings tray and mounting hole for use with desk clamps.

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Cute, mini adjustable desktop pencil sharpener

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