Ito Bindery Desk Drawing Pad White Paper Brown Mount Zoom Ito Bindery Desk Drawing Pad White Paper Brown Mount

Desk pads with beautifully minimalist design, in a range of sizes. Smooth, high quality paper, with paperboard back and top bar. It's the simplicity of the design that makes these really special. There's no embellishment, or fancy design features. It's a stack of perfectly-cut paper, held together at the top by a thick, sturdy bar of paperboard. The base is made from matching paperboard.

Each sheet is microperforated at the top edge, for quick and easy removing, making them perfect to have sitting on your desk for quick notes, or when someone asks you to note something down for them to take away. Ideal to keep near the phone, or next to your computer.

The sizes refer to the sizes of the sheets when removed. The overall pad is larger, to include the top bar. Price varies with size - check the price when you have chosen the size.

Ito Bindery were established in Tokyo in 1938. Ito is a shortened form of the name of the family who run the business - it's just a coincidence that Ito is also the Japanese word for thread or string - as used in book binding. These Drawing Pads have received a prestigious Japanese Good Design award.

70 sheets of white paper, with brown paperboard base and top bar.

While the 81.5gsm paper is lovely and smooth, and feels great to write on with fountain pens, the ink does feather, and there is some bleed-through where there's plenty of ink. We've found it quite usable if only using one side of the paper, but it could be more of a problem with some inks, or if you're averse to feathery edges.

The hard board on the base, along with the two staples underneath, which hold it all together, mean these slide reasonably easily on a desk. It's unlikely to be a problem with the larger sizes, as their weight will keep them where they're put, but you may want to consider self-adhesive rubber feet if you don't want yours to move. The base includes the only branding on the product - a subtle debossed 'ITO BINDERY' logo in one corner.

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Product Code:IB53966
Page Layout:Blank
Paper Colour:White
Ito bindery
Was £39.95 inc VAT £33.29 ex VAT £39.95 inc VAT £33.29 ex VAT
Beautifully minimalistic superior quality desk pads
  • Note: Cost varies with size.
  • The price shown will change when you choose the size.
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