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This is an amazingly good value offer for pens - but you don't actually get any of the pens you're buying here. Sounds like a terrible deal, but it's great - here's how it works:

  • You order a pack of 10 good quality Staedtler Stick pens.
  • We add a second pack (and we'll pay for that one ourselves).
  • We'll get all 20 pens to children in Africa who need them for their education.
  • You get nothing.
  • Well, OK, you get a warm fuzzy feeling; a sense of happiness that you can only get from helping out other humans.

We did a very similar appeal in 2015 with charity Pens For Kids, and it was a huge success. We ended up sending 110,000 pens, which was great. Like last time, as well as Pens For Kids, we're also teaming up with the Blue Skies Foundation to get the pens to their destination. They're a charitable foundation set up by Blue Skies, a company who import very fresh fruit to the UK from several countries. They're used to sending stuff there that's needed, and distributing it to the right people - so they can do it faster, easier, and cheaper than we can.

Their fruit has to arrive quickly, so it's really fresh, so it gets flown here. Packaging materials and other supplies going the other way, though, don't need to go quickly, so it makes sense to send them by ship. The packing crates aren't usually full, so they can use some of the spare space to get pens from the UK (where we have plenty of pens) to Africa (where children need pens to use at school). Because they're used to doing this (the foundation sends lots of much-needed supplies to help the communities who grow and pick their fruit), they also know how to get things through customs without trouble, and they have people in strategic places to make sure the pens get to the children who really need them.

Because of this generous help from the Blue Skies Foundation, the pens cost only £1.20 per pack, and we'll match each pack - so for a £1.20 donation, the children will get 20 good quality Staedtler pens.

Important: If your order consists of only this donation you may be charged delivery on the order. If you pay by credit or debit card we will remove this delivery charge before taking payment for the order. However, if you choose to pay via PayPal, we will be unable to cancel the shipping charge. This is due to PayPal's prohibitive processing fees - if we were to refund the shipping cost, this would negate the value of your donation! Don't worry though - we will count this shipping charge as an additional donation, which we will then match within our own donation.

Additional Information

Product Code:CU58289
Advance Mechanism:Capped
Tip Type:Ball
Cult pens
Send a pack of pens to needy kids in Africa!
  • £1.20 donation will be used to send 10 high-quality pens to needy kids in Africa
  • We'll match all your donations with our own donation - for every pack you buy, we'll send another!
  • Please see the important note in the description if you're only ordering this item, and paying by PayPal.
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Pens for Kids Donation 2017
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£1.20 inc VAT £1.00 ex VAT
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