Slice Safety Cutter Zoom Slice Safety Cutter

Perfect for performing the sort of small cutting tasks that are so often needed, while being much safer to use than most knives. This handy little safety cutter uses a tiny blade that can cut through paper or thin card, as well as most plastic packaging, while being much less risky for your fingers.

Slice cutting tools are designed to be safer to use than regular knives and scissors. Part of this is in the handles, with good safe grips so you don't slip, and using retracting blades or covers to keep them from accidentally cutting. But a lot of it is in the design of the blades themselves. Regular steel blades need to be made very sharp, partly to cut easily, but mainly so they'll keep cutting easily when they've been used for a while and they're getting more blunt. To make sure they're still sharp enough to cut when they've become more blunt, they have to be made sharper than they need to be.

Slice blades are made from an advanced ceramic material called zirconium oxide - it's much harder than steel, so it doesn't become blunt anywhere near as quickly. So, Slice make their blades start out less sharp than steel blades usually are. They'll still cut paper and most other materials just as well as you need them to, but, most importantly, they don't cut as easily into skin. You still could cut yourself, but they're much safer in accidents, and less likely to cut you. Because the blades wear down so slowly, even starting with a les sharp edge, they'll still last more than 10 times longer than steel blades.

Most of the things you need to cut - paper, card, plastic packaging, etc, just don't need a very sharp blade, so Slice blades will cut them just as well, and will continue to cut them well for a lot longer. All while being safer to use.

52mm long.

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Innovative cutting instruments designed with safety in mind
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Slice Safety Cutter
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