Pencil Extenders

Pencil extenders are available in a huge variety of styles and prices, and can suit lots of different people and purposes.

  • You get more use from each pencil, so you can keep using pencils when they are too short to use otherwise, or at least, you can use them more comfortably than if you were struggling to hold the little stub you had left! Especially with expensive pencils, this can be important, but it's good with any pencil - less to throw away, and more use from each item.
  • The pure simplicity of a pencil is often its best feature, but sometimes you want more features. Perhaps you want a pocket clip, or it would really help if there was a sharpener attached to the pencil at all times. And if you want to put a pencil in your pocket, it would really help if there was a simple way to cover the tip so it doesn't stab you or get snapped. You might like using a pencil, but a standard wooden pencil just doesn't look right in the nice suit you're wearing for the meeting - something a bit more luxurious would help. Pencil extenders can do all these things.

We have a huge choice available below, whether you want features, luxury, or just want to be able to use your pencils down to the stub.

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e+m Endless Pencil Extender
e+m Endless Pencil Extender Funky modern pencil extender
Only £23.50 inc VAT £19.58 ex VAT
e+m Peanpole Pencil Extender
e+m Peanpole Pencil Extender Traditional beechwood pencil extender
Only £4.75 inc VAT £3.96 ex VAT
e+m Motus Pencil Extender
e+m Motus Pencil Extender Stylish way of extending pencils
Only £18.99 inc VAT £15.83 ex VAT
e+m Spot Pencil Extender
e+m Spot Pencil Extender Pencil extender, cap and keyring all in one!
Only £9.95 inc VAT £8.29 ex VAT
Staedtler 900 25 Pencil Extender
Staedtler 900 25 Pencil Extender Smart metal pencil extender with built-in eraser
Only £29.00 inc VAT £24.17 ex VAT
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