Pencil Accessories

We love pencils. There's a simplicity to them that nothing else can beat. 'Lead', wrapped in wood. There's no mechanism to jam. There's no ink to flow to slowly. If you can see the tip, it's going to work. Dependable.

There are problems, though. They need keeping sharp, and the tips can be broken when you're carrying them. And when they are sharp, you might need to protect yourself from the pencil!

Fortunately, there are many accessories to help. Pencil extenders that can protect the tips when you travel, and extend short stubs to use the whole pencil. The wonderful Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil range even add hidden sharpeners so you can maintain that point on the go. There are grips to make holding pencils easier, as standard pencils are too slim to be comfortable for some people.

We have separate pages for sharpeners and erasers. Whatever else you need, you should find it below.

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Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil Free ink with £150 spend
Caran d'Ache Pencil Extender Free ink with £150 spend
e+m Pencil Cap Free pencil extender with £30 spend
e+m Pencil Cap Stylish, practical caps available in brass and nickel
Only £0.60 inc VAT £0.50 ex VAT
KUM Sattler Pencil Grip
KUM Sattler Pencil Grip Adds easy-grip facility to any standard pencil
Only £1.80 inc VAT £1.50 ex VAT
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