Pencils for Technical Drawing

Wood-case graphite pencils for technical drawing.  Won't any old pencil do?  Yes, absolutely.  Though ideally, you want a pencil that's available in slightly harder grades than your regular HB - 2H is a good start; that sharpens easily; and which won't break up.  If it looks good too, that's a bonus.  Here then is the cream of the crop.  All these pencils are the very best that we sell, from the planet's most respected pencil manufacturers. 

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Tombow MONO 100 Pencil
Tombow MONO 100 Pencil High-density graphite lead and a superb paint finish
Only £2.57 inc VAT £2.14 ex VAT 20% off
Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencil
Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencil The finest-quality pencil available?
Only £3.40 inc VAT £2.83 ex VAT 9% off
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