Clutch Pencils for Technical Drawing

Virtually any of our huge range of clutch pencils can of course be used for technical drawing.  However, some are more ideally suited to this task than others.  Ideally suited?  Yes, the clutch pencils below are either cooler, funkier, more serious, more knurly or just plain more technical than the others.  2mm is a good lead size - we have a ridiculously large selection of refill lead in any possible grade you could want. Compared to a traditional woodcased pencil, the virtues of clutch pencils come into even sharper focus with technical drawing tasks - they retain their balance as the lead wears down; they're robust; the lead is easier to sharpen and you waste less lead than when chipping away at the wood case; and you get a choice of grip styles and sizes.  The very best?  We'd always go for a Caran d'Ache Fixpencil. 

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Caran d'Ache Fixpencil 22
Caran d'Ache Fixpencil 22 Classic Swiss-made clutch pencil with light, tough aluminium barrel
Only £14.39 inc VAT £11.99 ex VAT £17.60 inc VAT £14.67 ex VAT Save £3.21 inc VAT £2.68 ex VAT 18% off
rotring 600 2mm Clutch Pencil
rotring 600 2mm Clutch Pencil Superb 2mm version of the classic drafting pencil
Only £44.99 inc VAT £37.49 ex VAT
Mitsubishi Uni 2mm Clutch Pencil MH-500 Extra 10% off in basket
Mitsubishi Uni 2mm Clutch Pencil MH-500 Superb quality 2mm clutch pencil from Japan
Only £11.55 inc VAT £9.63 ex VAT
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