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Porsche P3140

Porsche Design logoPorsche have pulled out all the stops in their search for car-related metaphors to describe the P'3140: The P'3140 again illustrates the Porsche Design philosophy: a writing instrument that goes into action and stops as fast as a racing car, and possesses the same sophisticated and rugged technology. It is also light and compact so can travel everywhere. The P'3140 "accelerates" with a brief movement of the wrist - the point extends, ready for writing. The same action for "braking" - the point retracts into its housing. This functions with the smooth precision of a racing car. The lightness and compact shape of the P'3140 mean that it fits in even a small pocket and so is always ready for action. It's excellent "adhesion" is also copied from the racing circuit: the barrel is made of natural india rubber with grooves to give a perfect grip when writing. The front and end pieces are made of matt chromed metal. A small projection acts as a "parking brake", and prevents the pen from rolling off a sloping desk.

How many laboured car references can you spot? Clue: they put double quotes around them all so you couldn't miss them.  In case you're a bit dim.

So, more importantly, the Cult Pens verdict? It's small (just 103mm long with a barrel diameter of 10mm) but weighty; the materials are a tactile joy; and the shake to extend/retract action is very cool. We like it - a lot.
As usual with Porsche Design, the pen transcends marketing guff by simply being thoughtfully designed and very well made. The original rubber barrel model has since been joined by new finishes. 

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