An unmistakable signature.

The reincarnation of the famous Platignum brand - a very familiar name to those at school in the UK in the 1960s and 70s. Platignum started up in 1919, and ever since their history has been virtually the history of the pen. Platignum pioneered many innovations during the course of their history and their products became standard-issue in education, before the company ran into problems in the 1990s. The brand was brought out by Snopake, who committed to reintroducing Platignum as an affordable, quality pen range. After launching their first modern revamp in 2007, the second generation of 21st century Platignum pens is now available, with an interesting balance of retro style and contemporary design, using quality materials at affordable prices. All the pens are largely made of metal, which is rare at these prices.

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