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mt - masking tape

A range of top-quality beautifully-patterned and coloured tapes made from Japanese washi paper. Thin and strong, and easy to tear by hand or cut neatly, mt Masking Tape will stick to many surfaces, clinging well for as long as you need, but can be removed easily later. A great way of adding decorative touches to almost anything, with the advantage that it leaves no trace if you change your mind later. Turn a glass into a pretty patterned pen pot, or give a more interesting touch to the edge of your computer screen.

mt tape can also be used for many practical purposes, from taping food packets closed to keep things fresh, to labelling your lunchbox; from making a more comfortable grip on items with rough handles, to taping a torch in place when you're trying to work in a dark corner. For children, you can use brightly-coloured tapes to mark walls or floors for games, knowing it won't leave a mark when you remove it later - perfect for indoor hopscotch! See our blog post about it for a lot more ideas!

There are bright colours, dull colours, plain black and white, patterns, vintage-style drawings and designs, special styles for children, colourful characters and neat little sets of complementary colours; along with cutters and even wrapping paper to match a few of the patterns. mt tape is water-resistant, heat-resistant, food-safe and acid-free.

There are unlimited ways of using mt tape - what will you use it for?

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