KUM Memory Point Brushes

KUM’s Memory Point brushes solve, or at least help with, three of the biggest problems artists face with existing brushes. If you use paint brushes, and have any of these problems, you’ll want to try them:

  • Most brushes lose their shape easily, and don’t spring back to shape while you work. Start painting fine detail with the tip of the brush, add pressure to spread the brush, and it doesn’t spring back to a fine point. Memory Point brushes do.
  • They’re hard to clean, and are never as good after a few uses. The bristles get out of shape after a few paintings and cleanings, and you’re left either using a brush that isn’t as good as it was, or replacing a brush that hasn’t seen as much use as you’d like. KUM’s brushes are easier to clean, and they return to their original shape so they last much longer than other brushes.
  • You usually find brushes work well with one media, but not as well with others. A brush that’s great with acrylic doesn’t always work well with watercolour. Memory Point brushes work well with every type of media - if you work with more than one type of paint, this could save you space and money!
I initially was sent some of these brushes to review in an article and have been using them ever since. I find them particularly excellent for oil and acrylic painting.

  —Landscape and architecture artist Becky Samuelson SWA HS

Four brush shapes, with a wide range of sizes in each shape.

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