Karas Kustoms Bolt

The Bolt is a retractable pen, but done in Karas Kustoms' own style. Most retractables just click to extend, click to retract. The mechanism needed to do that is small and fiddly, though, and generally uses at least some plastic parts. Karas Kustoms wanted to make this one entirely themselves, so they settled on a bolt action.

To extend the tip, you push down the end button, and give it a little twist. It settles back into an extended position. A little push and twist back the other way, and it springs back to the retracted position. It's a simple mechansim, and the bolt itself is right there on the side of the pen so you can see it working.

Yes, the convenince of the simple click-up, click-down retract mechanism is nice; but there's also something nice about a mechanism that was all put together in a machine shop in Arizona, with workings that you can see and understand.

If you'd prefer the more traditional style of retract mechanism, see the Retrakt or the EDK, also from Karas Kustoms.

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