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Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil

Pencils are wonderfully simple tools. We all know how to use them. They don't often fail, and they don't run out unexpectedly. You can see when they are sharp and when they aren't. You can erase their marks, but if you don't, they'll last forever - it's just graphite, so it won't fade or age. They can sit unsed for years, and still write again instantly, with no coaxing or cleaning needed.

Faber-Castell knew all this, but they also knew that pencils weren't quite perfect. You may not have a sharpener with you when you need one, they don't have a clip for your shirt pocket, and when they are sharp, they can be a bit of a danger to your pocket and yourself! Also, once you've used it enough, the stub gets too short to use comfortably. You either waste a good section of the pencil, or you try to hold it awkwardly.

The Perfect Pencil fixes these problems in a simple and elegant way. A pencil extender and cap in one, with a sharpener neatly hidden inside. And because that's such a useful and universal idea, they made it available to us all by making a range of Perfect Pencils from luxury platinum-plated classic excellence to simple plastic pencil tops you won't worry too much about losing or damaging.


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