Faber-Castell e-motion

While the Ambition is all about the straight lines, the e-motion concentrates on feel, with a more chunky barrel, and a few more curves. If you prefer a pen with a bit more width, you'll love the e-motion - it's a comfortable pen to hold and to use.

The style depends on your taste - with a pearwood barrel and contrasting polished trim, there's a natural, slightly organic feel to it. With the precious resin barrels, it feels more made, while the PVD-coated Pure Black edition feels thoroughly modern - right down to the fountain pen's black-coated nib.

In a way that seems fitting for a pen where feeling meets design, the pencils are quite unusual. Rather than the more common 'clicky' mechanism, these use a continuous analogue twist-advance mechanism to move the thick 1.4mm lead. The perfect tools for getting your thoughts, ideas and sketches down with the minimum of fuss.

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