Acme Etched Rollerballs

ACME's standard range of design rollerballs is a beautiful collection of pens, all designed by or inspired by an infulential designer or architect. Along with the wonderful barrel designs, they are very practical and flexible pens, too.

Supplied as a rollerball with a polished chrome or lacquered grip section, you can change the grip if you prefer rubber or knurled metal; and if you'd rather have a fountain pen, a felt tip, or a ballpoint pen, it can become those too. It can even become a capacitive stylus for use with modern touch-screen devices.

The Etched pens have metal barrels with patterns etched into them, then filled with tough coloured lacquer to make the design really stand out. Hatch has a pattern etched into the brass, without filling, leaving the raw brass to develop its own patina with use.

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