Junpakushi paper is a soft, fine, pure white paper with a unique texture, traditionally used for Japanese calendars or as wrapping paper. The Shinnippon Calendar Co. created the 365 notebook brand to bring this unusual paper into wider use.  The thin but tough paper lends itself to notebooks that contain a staggering 380 sheets, yet remain only 18mm thick including covers. Compare that to 380 sheets of standard 80gsm copy paper at 40mm thick. Covers are made from traditional satogami ('village paper'), gently textured and featuring a range of colours connected to nature and the passing seasons, such as yuki ('snow'), sakura ('cherry blossom') and wasabi ('Japanese horseradish'). Pages are blank, but shitajiki cards are supplied which provide a guide through the semi-transparent paper. 365 notebooks make a beautiful gift for yourself or for anyone who appreciates paper and pen.

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