Herbert J. Spaniel

Herbie hard at workAKA: Herbie, Spannel, Whathaveyougotstuckinyourfur
Birthday: 2011-10-30
Likes: Squirrels, trees, grass, walks, leaves, belly rubs, food, bacons, fields, squirrels, bushes, sleeping, food, meetings, reps, food, fox poo, food, pub, ball, food, sleeping, walks, ball, swim, bacons, food, zooms, belly rubs, food, bacons, food. Walkyballpub. Food. Wag!
Dislikes: Slowness, people talking about pens, chairs on wheels. Food I cannot have.

Herbie chews his toyHerbert J. Spaniel is a valuable member of the Cult Pens team. His role is strongly focussed on teamwork, building morale, and sleeping. And wanting everyone's bacon. His cheerful and enthusiastic approach to his work is an inspiration and example to all of us.

We think every workplace should have a dog. But not this dog. This dog is our dog.

Here's Herbie as a puppy. So cute.

Herbie as a puppy

Sometimes, Herbie is bored. Work is all about pens, and pens are very boring when you don't have opposable thumbs.

Herbie is very bored

After all, sometimes, we just get him carrying a pencil sharpener around for us, which can't be very fulfilling for such a smart spannel.

Herbie as a transporter for a pencil sharpener.

But sometimes life gets exciting, and he goes out for exciting walks on Dartmoor. Of course he does. It's not all work, work, work.

Herbie out on Dartmoor

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