Pencil Sharpeners

A quality pencil sharpener is a vital accessory for anyone who uses woodcase pencils regularly. Like any blade they blunt over time and should be replaced if you find that there's resistance to turning or if they keep breaking leads. Many KUM sharpeners feature replaceable blades. We have a great range of sharpeners starting at under £1 and going up to expensive luxury desk sharpeners, but even the cheapest is excellent quality. We also have left-handed sharpeners; sharpeners for larger pencils; and that peculiar category of sharpeners for 2mm or larger leads, known as lead pointers.

The most basic sharpeners are used over a waste bin, but for a little more money you get the canister sharpeners that hold their own waste until you're ready to empty them.

The ultimate pencil sharpener here is the KUM Automatic AS2, which sharpens in two stages: first the wood, then the lead. For the power user, try a desk sharpener.

Caran d'Ache Metal Pencil Sharpening Machine
Caran d'Ache Metal Pencil Sharpening Machine Old-fashioned heavy-duty desk sharpener
Only £150.00inc VAT £125.00 ex VAT 9% off
Kutsuwa Stad KZool Pencil Sharpener
Kutsuwa Stad KZool Pencil Sharpener Waiting for Stock
Only £2.50inc VAT £2.08 ex VAT
STABILO EASYergo Sharpener
STABILO EASYergo Sharpener Waiting for Stock
Only £0.96inc VAT £0.80 ex VAT 14% off
Mitsubishi KH-20 Desk Sharpener
Mitsubishi KH-20 Desk Sharpener Dalek inspired long point desk sharpener
Only £39.00inc VAT £32.50 ex VAT
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