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Founded in 1761 in Nuremburg, Germany, Faber-Castell were pioneers in pencils and are still led by a member of the Faber family to this day.  Over 250 years later Faber-Castell now produces a huge range of high-quality office, technical, artists' and general-purpose pencils and pens. We're big fans of their designs and of their quality; and also of their environmental and social programs. 

All you could ever want know about Faber-Castell, you will find here.

Faber-Castell Design
Faber-Castell Design 105 Items
Faber-Castell's Design range are beautifully-made design-led pens from Germany, in a wide range of styles, finishes and types.
Faber-Castell General Writing
Faber-Castell General Writing 94 Items
A range of pens, pencils and markers for all sorts of writing tasks.
Faber-Castell Playing & Learning
Faber-Castell Playing & Learning 37 Items
Faber-Castell make top-quality products for children to learn writing, drawing and colouring. Lasting longer than cheaper alternatives, they're amazingly good value.
Faber-Castell Art & Technical
Faber-Castell Art & Technical 36 Items
From artist-grade brush-tipped pens to technical drawing equipment, a huge choice of top-quality art materials.
Faber-Castell Refills
Faber-Castell Refills 29 Items
High quality refills for Faber-Castell pens and pencils.
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