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The Memory of Colour – Handy Tips

8820-02 oval plastic box Assorted 20 coloursWe covered the research behind how memory of colour can enhance memory performance here.

Now, we’ve got some ways you can put this into practice, in day-to-day life, or in more specific situations, such as exam or presentation preparation. The methods below are most effective when taking notes initially, but can also be used to condense notes into a more manageable format. There are 10 sets of speakers to be won, to help you through the exam preparation period. See below for details! Continue reading

  1. 88_150-2 Assorted 150pcs ceramic pot
  2. personal_liability_moon_walk_shaun_raven
  3. Napigleon
  4. Pental-Slicci-box-set
  5. Alice-Hole
  6. Intuition-comp
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  8. Jen Dixon