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Brands  >  rotring

Founded in 1928 with the development of the first fountain pen without a conventional nib, the "Tiku" or "Inkograph", rotring came to dominate the market for technical drawing pens and accessories. Since the transfer of the majority of that work onto computers, rotring now struggles to reposition itself within the pen world. The range of technical products was being constantly being scaled back in favour of design-led lifestyle writing instruments. However, these were all discontinued in 2008-09 and now rotring is at last starting to introduce new technical writing and drawing instruments such as the Rapid Pro, Tikky Liner and Tikky 3 in 1.
rotring's well-regarded, high-quality products are now part of the Newell Rubbermaid group - stablemates with such diverse brands as Berol, Paper Mate, Parker and Waterman.
Rapid Pro
rotring Rapid Pro pencils and ballpoint pens
rotring 300 Pencil
rotring 300 pencil
rotring 500 Pencil
rotring 500 pencil
rotring 600 Pencil Black
rotring 600 pencil black - 0.5/0.7mm
rotring 600 Pencil Silver
rotring 600 pencil silver - 0.5/0.7mm
rotring 600 Pencil Japan Spec
rotring 600 pencil Japan-Spec - 0.3mm
rotring 600 2mm
rotring 600 2mm pencil
rotring 800 Pencil Black
rotring 800 pencil black
rotring 800 Pencil Silver
rotring 800 pencil silver
rotring 800 2mm Pencil
rotring 800 2mm pencil
rotring Isograph
rotring Isograph is the classic steel-nib technical pen.
rotring Rapidograph
The Rapidograph cartridge-based technical pen.
rotring Tikky Liner
rotring Tikky Liner - a new refillable metal-barrel drawing pen.
rotring Tikky Graphic
rotring Tikky Graphic drawing pen - replacement for the rotring Xonox.
Tikky Rollerpoint Extra-Fine
rotring Tikky Rollerpoint Extra-Fine
Tikky Rollerpoint Fine
rotring Tikky Rollerpoint Fine
rotring Xonox
Discontinued - replaced by the Tikky Graphic.
rotring Drawing Ink
Waterproof and lightfast rotring drawing ink in bottles and cartridges for isograph and rapidograph pens.
rotring 300 Clutch Pencil
rotring 300 2mm clutch pencil
rotring Tikky 3 in 1
rotring Tikky 3 in 1 multipen - 2 ballpoint plus pencil - choice of 0.7mm or 0.5mm
rotring Tikky 3 Pencil
rotring Tikky 3 Pencil black barrel - 0.35, 0.5, 0.7 and 1.0mm
rotring Tikky 3 Pencil Burgundy
rotring Tikky 3 Pencil burgundy barrel - 0.35, 0.5, 0.7 and 1.0mm
rotring Tikky 3 Pencil Colour Barrel
rotring Tikky 3 Pencil colour barrel - 0.5mm
rotring Tikky 3 Ballpoint
rotring Tikky 3 Ballpoint, styled to match the Tikky pencil.
rotring Artpen
rotring Artpen is a sought-after fountain pen with nibs for calligraphy and sketching.
rotring Centro Geometry Set
Great-value 4-piece rotring Centro Geometry Set with squares, protractor and 30cm ruler.
rotring Refills
rotring refills for pencils and pens.
Brands  >  rotring