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Brands  >  Porsche Design

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Unlike many of the dubious car/pen tie-ups you see around, Porsche's Design studio has a long history of applying their design skills to a wide range of goods and appliances. Suspend your scepticism - these are superb pens, intelligently designed using interesting materials, and built to extraordinarily high standards by Pelikan using their long history and enormous talent in writing instruments. The superb Tecflex P'3110 is the classic - with the obvious but brilliant use of racing-car technology in the barrel material; the P'3130 is a slightly unwieldy stunner; the P'3140 is just beautifully simple and useful; P'3120 is sleek minimalism; and P'3150 is... different.
Porsche P3150
Porsche Design P'3150 - Stainless steel and calfskin
Porsche P3140
P'3140 is a cool Porsche mini pen. Tough, compact and highly useful.
Porsche TecFlex P3110
P'3110 is the classic Porsche Design pen: stainless-steel braidings as used on performance cars give these unique pens a suitably race-tech look.
Porsche P3130
P'3130 Mikado is a remarkable design using individual stainless-steel rods to create the barrel.
Porsche P3120
P'3120 is a sleek and minimalist solid aluminium pen or pencil.
Porsche Design Pen Case
P'3190 is a leather case for two Porsche writing instruments
Porsche Design Refills
Refills for all Porsche Design pens and pencils.
Brands  >  Porsche Design