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Ink and Refills
We believe that we stock more types of pen refills than anywhere else in the world, but most of these are specific to a narrow group of pens or even a single model. However, there are some types of refills that have a broader application and form something of a standard. Bottled ink is an obvious one - any fountain pen can use any decent quality ink. However there is also a standard fountain pen ink cartridge style that can be used by a wide variety of fountain pen brands. There are also a few ballpoint pen refills that have become something of a common standard and which are used by a variety of manufacturers. The two most common are the G2 'Parker-style' refill, and the D1 multipen refill. We have a wide range of all these refills, and we can even provide you with a list of what pens we sell that can use them.

For specific manufacturer refills use one of these links:
Berol Pen Refills
Caran d'Ache Pen & Pencil Refills
COPIC Pen Refills
Cross Pen Refills
edding Pen Refills
Faber-Castell Pen Refills & Pencil Refills
Graf von Faber-Castell Pen Refills & Pencil Refills
Koh-I-Noor Pencil Refills
Kaweco Pencil Refills
Kum Refills
Lamy Pen Refills & Pencil Refills
Mont Blanc Pen Refills
Namiki Pen Refills
OHTO Pen Refills
Paper Mate Pen Refills & Pencil Refills
Parker Pen Refills & Pencil Refills
Parafernalia Pen Refills
Pelikan Pen Refills & Pencil Refills
Pilot Pen Refills & Pencil Refills
Pentel Pen Refills & Pencil Refills
Platignum Pen Refills
Porsche Design Pen Refills & Pencil Refills
rotring Pen Refills
Schmidt Pen Refills
Schneider Pen Refills
Sheaffer Pen Refills
Stabilo Pen Refills & Pencil Refills
Staedtler Pen Refills & Pencil Refills
Tombow Pen Refills & Pencil Refills
Uni-Ball Pen Refills & Uni Pencil Refills
Waterman Pen Refills
Worther Pen Refills & Pencil Refills
Yoropen Pen Refills & Pencil Refills
Zebra Pen Refills & Pencil Refills

Otherwise, you might want to take a look at the following categories of standard pen and pencils refills:
Bottled Ink
Fountain pen ink in bottles for all fountain pens.
International Standard Cartridges
Interchangeable cartridges that fit a wide range of European and Japanese fountain pens.
Parker-Style Ballpoint Refills
The Parker ballpoint refill is actually a standard 'G2' pattern, of which Parker's is the most well-known. We have a huge range of alternatives giving a wide choice of ink colour, nib size and ink type.
D1 Multipen Refills
These standard 67mm 'D1' pen refills are made by many different manufacturers and we have a huge range of options.
Lead Refills
We have an enormous range of lead in everything from 0.3mm to 5.6mm - most of this is standard sizes that will fit any appropriately-sized pencil.
Product Browser  >  Pen Refills and Ink