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Brands  >  OHTO

Established in Japan in 1929, OHTO manufactured the first ballpoint pens in Japan in 1949, and have been consistently at the forefront of pen technology ever since.
OHTO has not been available in the UK, but are well-known amongst writing instrument aficionados for the Tasche pocket fountain pen and the Promecha series of mechanical pencils - both supreme examples of OHTO's quality and innovation. Cult Pens is exceptionally proud to present the first UK stock of these models. Look out for new additions to our OHTO stock in the coming months.
OHTO Japan
OHTO Graphic Liner
OHTO Graphic Liner - rollerball drawing pen
OHTO Graphic Liner Assorted Set of 6
OHTO Graphic Liner Wallet of 6 sizes
OHTO Dude Rollerball Pen CB-10DD
OHTO Dude Rollerball Pen
OHTO Tasche
The brilliant OHTO Tasche pocket pen series - fountain pen, ballpoint, rollerball and pencil versions now available.
OHTO Petit-B
The OHTO Petit-B is one of the smallest pens around, but more usable than most.
OHTO Minimo
The miniscule OHTO Minimo range - ultra-compact ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils.
OHTO Capstick
OHTO Capstick - cute super-compact metal pens.
OHTO Fude Ball
OHTO Fude Ball - super-broad rollerball pen.
OHTO Horizon
OHTO Horizon 'Double Knock' Mechanical Pencil
OHTO Sharp Pencil
OHTO Sharp Pencil - a mechanical pencil in the shape of a pencil!
OHTO Sharp Pencil Small
OHTO Sharp Pencil - a mechanical pencil in the shape of a small pencil!
OHTO Sharp Pencil 2.0 APS-680E
OHTO Sharp Pencil - a 2mm mechanical pencil in the shape of a pencil!
OHTO Sharp Pencil 2.0 APS-750E
OHTO Sharp Pencil - a 2mm mechanical pencil in the shape of a pencil with pocket clip.
OHTO Multi Slim 4
OHTO Multi Slim 4 is an amazing compact 4-way multipen - three ballpoint colours and a pencil
OHTO Promecha Pencils
Top-quality all-aluminium drafting pencils in the OHTO Promecha and Super Promecha series.
OHTO Promecha Ballpoint
OHTO Promecha Ballpoint NBP-507R is a lovely metal pen that complements the Promecha pencil range.
OHTO Liberty
OHTO LIberty is a classically-proportioned rollerball with a ceramic-tip refill.
OHTO Fine Slim Roller
OHTO FINE slimline metal rollerball in four barrel colours with ceramic refill.
OHTO Fine Fountain Pen
OHTO FINE Fountain Pen FF-10N - sleek and modern.
OHTO Comforcil 2.0 Pencil
OHTO Comforcil-2.0 2mm Clutch Pencil
OHTO Ceramic PenCutter
OHTO PenCutter CP-8 - brilliant retractable ceramic knife
OHTO G-Slender Pencil
OHTO G-Slender Pencil SP-405GFS
OHTO G-Slender Ballpoint
OHTO G-Slender Ballpoint NBP405GFS
OHTO Cute Ballpoint
The OHTO Cute ballpoint is a smart slim metal pen.
OHTO Cute Pencil
The OHTO Cute is a smart slim metal pencil.
OHTO Auto Sharp Pencil
OHTO Auto-Sharp auto-advancing lead pencil
OHTO Casual Pen Stand DPS-680C
OHTO Casual Pen Stand DPS-680C
OHTO Smile Slide Clipper
OHTO Smile Side Clipper Paperclip
OHTO Smile Turn Clip
OHTO Smile Turn Clip Paperclips
OHTO Refills
OHTO ballpoint and rollerball pen refills.
Brands  >  OHTO