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Product Browser  >  Multi-function Pens

Multi-function Pen Browser
There's a weird and wonderful variety of multi-function pens (or multipens) here at Cult Pens.
In this category is everything from simple 4-colour ballpoints to elegant metal pens containing three or more different functions with various choices of pens, pencils, stylus tips and highlighters. Some multipens are simple devices with a function at each end, whilst others have sophisticated gravity select mechanisms to pop out the relevant tip simply by turning the appropriate icon to face you and pressing the top down. We have multi-function pens that hang off keyrings whilst others would make fabulous gifts. Many of these pens use the standard D1 refill which means that if you don't like the functions you can swap ballpoint nibs for stylus tips, or stylus tips for highlighters. See our D1 refill range here.

The best multi-function pen? Our favourite is probably the Zebra Sharbo X range - buy it empty and specify a 0.3mm, 0.5mm or 0.7mm lead mechanism, then buy 2 or 3 (depending on model) D1 refills to fit the pen, choosing from our range of ballpoint, gel, highlighter or stylus tips. The Sharbo X has superb build quality and a super-smooth twist-action selector. A very satisfying pen to use.

A complete list of all our multi-function pens follows below. If you want to refine this list by features or ink colours click here to use our full PenFinder service

Faber-Castell Scribero Combi Ink Roller and Highlighter Pen
Stylish and comfortable combi-pen with gel and highlighter tips.

Faber-Castell Twice Metal Multipen
Nice quality metal multipen - blue and red ballpoints in one slim pen.

Lamy 2000 multi-pen
4-colour ballpoint in the iconic 2000 design.

Lamy accent 4pen (3+1) black
Chunky metal multipen with 3-colour ballpoint + pencil.

Lamy accent 4pen (3+1) palladium
Chunky metal multipen with 3-colour ballpoint + pencil.

Lamy logo twin pen brushed steel
Smartly-finished pen + pencil.

Lamy st tri pen black
Useful 3-way multipen.

Lamy st tri pen matt steel
Useful steel 3-way multipen.

Lamy st twin pen
Simple steel pen+pencil multipen.

OHTO Multi Slim 4 Multifunction Pen MF-15SA4
Super-slim multipen packs in 3 -colour ballpoint plus pencil.

Paper Mate 4 Ball 4-Colour Pen
Cheap and cheerful 4-colour pen.

Pentel Function 357 Pencil PC1001
Unique 3-lead pencil with 03, 05 and 07 leads.

Pilot 2+1 Slim Ballpoint + Pencil Multipen


Pilot BegreeN Feed GP4 Ballpoint Pen BPKG35RMBG
Recycled plastic 4-colour multipen
£5.39 each, or £47.90 for 10

Pilot Birdie Twin Pen H575
Ultra-small stainless-steel ballpoint/pencil combo.

Pilot Feed GP4 4-Colour Pen BPKG35RM
Funky 4-colour multipen.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 4 Lumio Gel Pen Body
Premium Coleto multipen body - just add refills!

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 4-Way Gel Pen Body
Custom 4-way extra-fine gel pen.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 5-way Gel Pen Body
5-way body for Hi-Tec-C Coleto refills.

Platinum Double 3 Action Sarabo Hybrid Ink Multipen
Classically styled 3-way hybrid ink multipen.

Platinum Double Action C3 Sensy Stylus Multipen
Brilliant all-in-one multi-colour ballpoint pen and stylus that works with modern touchscreens.

Platinum Double Action R3 Stainless Steel Multipen
Smart steel 3-way multifunction pen.

Platinum Double R3 Action Multipen Transparent
Fantastic value 3-way multipen with unusual clear barrel.

rotring Tikky 3 in 1 Multipen
New 3-way multipen in the Tikky family.

Tombow Reporter 4-Colour Pen
Simple refillable 4-colour ballpoint with black,red, green and blue ink.

Tombow Reporter Compact 4-Colour Pen
Useful small-size 4-colour pen in a wide range of barrel colours.

Tombow Zoom 414 Multifunction Pen
Sleek, minimalist multipen.

Tombow Zoom L102 Multifunction Pen
New multifuntion pen from Tombow

Uni Clipturn MSE-800 Multifunction Pen
Oddball multipen with big grip, oversized swivelling clip and lanyard loop.

Zebra Airfit 2+S Multi-function Pen + Pencil
Nice multipen with excellent airsprung grip.

Zebra Clip-On 4C 4-Colour Pen
4-Colour pen with handy retractor button.
£3.02 each, or £27.01 for 10

Zebra Sharbo Diary Pen Blue
Neat, slim, all-metal multipen.

Zebra Sharbo X Multi-Function Pen AL5
Exclusive to Cult Pens - the fantastic spec-your-own multi-pen.

Zebra Sharbo X Multi-Function Pen LT3
Smart, customisable multi-function pen.

Zebra Sharbo X Multi-Function Pen ST3
Great value Sharbo X metal multipen.

Zebra Sharbo X Premium Multi-Function Pen TS10
Exclusive to Cult Pens - the fantastic spec-your-own multi-pen.

36 products found.

Product Browser  >  Multi-function Pens