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Product Browser  >  Limited Editions

Limited Edition Browser
Limited edition pens and pencils. These can range from a genuine limited edition of a classic but inexpensive Pentel pencil (our Graph 1000 Limited is lovely, and rare in the UK), to small numbered editions of classic fountain pens aimed at collectors. We also have a number of 'special edition' pens as well, which have limited production runs but tend to be produced in large quantities. The products below all have limited availability as far as we know - when they're gone, they're gone. Are any of these a good investment? We couldn't say, but we doubt that you'd see startling returns in your lifetime - but they're all interesting, high-quality and comparatively unusual, so in today's homogenised world, what's not to like?

Caran d'Ache 849 Metal Ballpoint Zebra
Special edition Zebra stripe 849 ballpoint.

Caran d'Ache Sharpening Machine Black Metal 80th Anniversary Edition
Luxury collectable metal desk pencil sharpener.

Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2009
Limited edition pen with woven horsehair barrel.

Graf von Faber-Castell Pen Of The Year 2010
Limited edition pen in walnut and case-hardened steel.

Graf von Faber-Castell Pen Of The Year 2011
Stunning jade design for 2011.

Graf von Faber-Castell Pen Of The Year 2012
The ultimate Graf pen for 2012

Lamy safari Ballpoint Pen Neon Coral Special Edition
Coral Pink version of the classic Lamy design.

Lamy safari Fountain Pen Neon Coral Special Edition
Special edition Coral Pink safari

Lamy safari Rollerball Pen Neon Coral Special Edition


Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen 125th Anniversary Edition
Special limited edition Jotter for Parker's 125th anniversary.

Pentel Graph 1000 0.5 Limited Edition
Rare limited edition pencil - only 200 in the UK.

Pilot Capless Fountain Pen 2010 Limited Edition Ice Green
Limited edition of 2010.

Pilot Capless Fountain Pen 2011 Limited Edition Pink
Latest limited edition colour in the retractable fountain pen.

Pilot Capless Fountain Pen 2013 Jubilee Limited Edition Maple Wood
Stunning wooden Pilot Capless Limited Edition.

Pilot Elite 95S Fountain Pen Black


Pilot Elite 95S Fountain Pen Deep Red


Platinum #3776 Century Fountain Pen Sai Limited Edition
Stunning clear barreled limited edition with super-seal cap.

Platinum BGM-2000 Limited Edition Egg Pen
Limited edition "Egg Pen"

Porsche Design P'3140 Compact Pen White Special Edition
Special edition version of the neat compact Porsche.

Tombow Havanna Limited Edition Mechanical Pencil
Limited edition finishes of the Havanna pencil.

Tombow Havanna Limited Edition Rollerball Pen
Limited edition finishes of the Havanna rollerball.

Visconti Declaration of Independence Limited Edition Fountain Pen


Visconti Divina Black Fountain Pen with Golden Ratio Dividers
Beautiful set with intriguing golden ratio calipers.

Visconti Divina G8 Summit Limited Edition Fountain Pen
Limited edition pen to mark the 2009 G8 Summit in L'Aquila

Visconti Golden Man Limited Edition Fountain Pen
Gold, lots of gold.

Visconti Pininfarina Carbongrafite Retractable Fountain Pen
Legendary Italian design house meets legendary Italian pen maker.

Visconti Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition Fountain Pen
Limited edition of 600.

Warhol by Troika Rollerball Pen 'Goethe'
Warhol artwork on a high-quality metal rollerpen.

28 products found.

Product Browser  >  Limited Editions