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Brands  >  Lamy

The highly-regarded Lamy brand is an independent family firm established in 1930 in Heidelberg, Germany. Lamy is renowned for high-quality, modern designs. The Lamy brand was established in 1952 with the innovative Lamy 27 pen. In 1966 Lamy's reputation for design was cemented with the iconic lamy 2000. Lamy has become a market leader in Germany and enjoys global renown as an influential German design brand. The safari is the most popular of their wide range of styles and is a great example of Lamy design at an affordable price. The vast majority of Lamy fountain pens feature inexpensive replacement nibs available in a wide range of sizes. Lamy also feature an unusually-wide range of multi-function pens.
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Lamy Fountain Pens
Browse all Lamy fountain pens.
Lamy Ballpoint Pens
Browse all Lamy ballpoint pens.
Lamy Rollerball Pens
Browse all Lamy rollerballs.
Lamy Pencils
Browse all Lamy pencils.
Lamy Multi-function Pens
Browse all Lamy multi-pens.
Lamy Promotion
FREE Lamy T10 Coral Ink Cartridges with every Lamy Safari Neon Coral fountain pen!
Lamy Special Editions
Lamy Special Edition Pens!
Lamy dialog 1
Lamy dialog 1 ballpoint - titanium ballpen designed by Richard Sapper.
Lamy dialog 2
Lamy dialog 2 is a minimalist metal capless roller designed by Knud Holscher.
Lamy dialog 3
Lamy Dialog 3 retractable fountain pen.
Lamy dialog 3 Black
Lamy Dialog 3 retractable fountain pen in matt black.
Lamy 2000
Lamy 2000 has been a design icon since 1966.
Lamy abc
Lamy abc fountain pen and pencil for beginners, made of maple wood with non-slip grip.
Lamy accent
Lamy accent is a premium range with some unusual finish combinations.
Lamy agenda
Lamy agenda compact pen or pencil is ideal for organisers.
Lamy AL-star
AL-star is a classic design as per the safari, but with an anodised aluminium barrel and cap.
Lamy balloon
Lamy balloon is a simple cartridge rollerball pen.
Lamy cp1
Lamy cp1 series of slim, lightweight pens, pencils and multipens.
Lamy econ
Lamy econ - stylish steel
Lamy joy
Lamy joy is an elegant range of chisel-nib lettering pens.
Lamy linea
Lamy linea is a slim, lightweight aluminium range with a variety of barrel decor.
Lamy logo
Lamy logo is a simple design in a range of modes, finishes and prices.
Lamy nexx
Lamy nexx is a tough aluminium fountain pen with non-slip grip.
Lamy noto
Lamy noto is a minimalist Japanese-designed ballpoint.
Lamy pico
Lamy pico is an Innovative expanding ballpoint - neat and functional.
Lamy pur
Lamy pur - simple aluminium range with understated guilloche design.
Lamy safari
The classic Lamy safari design is one of the best value quality pen ranges available.
Lamy scala
Lamy scala pen range new for 2012.
Lamy scribble
Lamy scribble is a short chunky designers' pencil or ballpoint.
Lamy spirit
Lamy spirit is a super-slim premium metal pen ideal for organisers, etc
Lamy st
The Lamy st slimline metal range.
Lamy studio
Lamy studio pen range - distinctive curvy design in fountain, roller, ballpoint and twinpen.
Lamy swift
Lamy swift is an unusual retractable rollerball design.
Lamy tipo
Lamy tipo is a neat retractable rollerball in metal and plastic versions.
Lamy vista
Lamy vista is the classic safari design, but executed in crystal-clear plastic.
Lamy refills
Complete set of Lamy refills for fountains pens, rollerballs, ballpoints and pencils.
Lamy cases
Simple pen cases and pouches for Lamy pens.
Lamy nibs
Replacement nibs for most Lamy fountain pens.
Lamy Spares
Miscellaneous spare parts for Lamy pens.
Lamy Clearance
Discontinued Lamy at clearance prices. All brand-new!
Brands  >  Lamy