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Product Browser  >  Pen Refills and Ink  >  D1 Multipen Refills

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The D1 pen refill is a standard pattern used in most multi-function pens and many compact or expanding pens. Made of metal, usually with a hollow end, it measures 67mm in length and approx 2.3mm in diameter.

We have D1 refills from Lamy, Schneider, Zebra, Tombow, Faber-Castell and others, and thanks to the huge variety of pen types that use them there is a good choice of ink colours including the usual black, blue, red and green. Due to the small ink capacity, most of the refills here are fine point, though there are medium and even broad tips too. In addition to ballpoint refills there are highlighter refills (in actuality a bright ballpoint pen, as normal highlighter tips can't be accommodated in this format), and stylus tips. If you have a multi-function pen you can normally swap any of the functions for alternative refills - eg. change that little-used red ballpoint to a broad ballpoint or an orange highlighter.

One refill worthy of note is the Tombow BR-VMP refill which is pressurised - meaning it can write upside down, in cold conditions or on wet paper, just like a Space Pen.

Click here for a list of pens we sell that use the D1 refill.

A full list of our D1 refills follows below. If you want to refine this list by ink colour click here to use our full PenFinder service
D1 info

Faber-Castell Multifunction Ballpen Refill
Standard metal multifunction bp refill.

Faber-Castell Multifunction Pen Stylus Refill
Standard size refill for stylus pens.

Lamy M21 ballpen Refill
Refill for Lamy multipens.

Lamy M55 tripen marker Refill
Marker refill for Lamy multipens.

Lamy M70 IT Refill
Stylus refill for Lamy multipens.

Monteverde Soft Roll Mini Ballpoint Refill Extra-Broad D15 Pack of 4
Broad mini D1 refill in 6 colours!

Monteverde Soft Roll Mini Ballpoint Refill Medium D13 Pack of 4
Mini ballpoint D1 refill in 10 colours!

OHTO Needlepoint Multipen Refill Extra-Fine R-4C5NP
Ultra-fine multipen refill.

OHTO Needlepoint Multipen Refill Fine R-4C7NP
Ultra-fine multipen refill

Parker Multipen Stylus Refill Pack of 5
Stylus replacement for Parker (and other) multipens.

Pelikan 38 Ballpoint Pen Refill
Rare medium point D1 refill.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.4mm D1 Gel Refill
Extra-fine gel refill for most multipens.

Platignum Dual Ballpoint Refill
D1 ballpoint refill for Platignum Dual pens.

Platinum SBSP-120S Hybrid Ink Ballpoint Refill


rotring Multipen Refill Pack of 5
Standard D1 size refills, suitable for most multifunction pens.

Schmidt S 635 Mini Ballpoint Pen Refill Medium Pack of 5
Standard D1 mini ballpoint refill fits most multipens.

Schneider Express 56 Pen Refill
Standard 67mm multipen refill
£1.03 each, or £18.53 for 20

Tombow BR-VS Ballpoint Pen Refill
Compact refill for Tombow 707,727,Ladies and 414.

Tombow Outdoor Pen Refill BR-VMP
Pressurised refill for XPA Outdoor pen.

Zebra 4C Ballpoint Pen Refill
Small metal refill fits Zebra and most other multipens.
£0.50 each, or £4.74 for 10

Zebra JSB Gel Refill 0.5mm
D1 format gel refill for Sharbo-X and other multi-pens

21 products found.

Product Browser  >  Pen Refills and Ink  >  D1 Multipen Refills