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Brands  >  Cult Pens  >  Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen

Cult Pens Mini FP Header

Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen

Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen

We've always liked small fountain pens. What's not to love about a good quality fountain pen that can be with you all the time? We had perhaps the widest range of pens and pencils anywhere in the world, but we still hadn't found a mini fountain pen that had everything we were looking for. They never quite seemed to tick all the boxes for us.

We might be a bit on the obsessive side with pens, but we want a long list of features:

  • It needs to be small and slim enough to fit neatly in a pocket, or in most organiser loops, but still big enough to write with comfortably.
  • The barrel should be metal, so it's good and strong. If it's going to be carried around in your pocket or bag, it needs to be able to stand up to a bit of use.
  • The cap should screw on - if it's going to live in your pocket or bag, you want to be sure it will stay securely capped.
  • There should be a good metal pocket clip, to make it easier to carry, and to help hold it in place in organiser loops.
  • The actual writing experience is still important with a small pen, so it should have a good choice of nib sizes - we don't all like the same width. The nib needs to be smooth and reliable too.
  • It should use standard international cartridges, so there are always plenty of choices for ink.
  • Converters are always a tight fit in compact fountain pens, but it should be possible to use a compact converter, so you can use bottled ink.

With help from the very experienced pen designers at Kaweco, our Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen has all of that, and more. It looks good, and feels nice to use. It's small enough to go anywhere, and is almost all metal. It takes standard international cartridges, and the Kaweco Sport Converter fits it well.

There's a choice of five nib sizes, from EF to BB. The nib is the same German-made steel nib from Bock that features in Kaweco's highly respected AL Sport, Liliput and Dia pens, among others; so not only is it a good quality, smooth nib, but it's easy to replace if it's ever damaged accidentally, or if you just decide you fancy a change of width. Nibs are available here.

The barrel is made from anodised aluminium, with a matt brushed finish. Contrasting polished trim parts are nickel-chromium (NiCr) plated brass. Strong, springy clip is stainless steel.

Barrel diameter: 9.5mm, stepping up to meet the 10.5mm cap
Length capped: 105mm, uncapped: 93mm, posted: 123mm
Weight: 20g

Our pen body is manufactured in Japan and mated with a nib by Bock of Germany.

Supplied with one sample Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue ink cartridge.
See our full range of short international standard cartridges here.
Suitable Kaweco Sport converter here.

Presented in a simple giftbox and guaranteed for five years.

Would you like to win one of our Cult Pens mini fountain pens? Visit our blog to find out more! 

Ref: CP29485
Our Price: 29.95
  24.96 excl. VAT
Nib Size:
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Brands  >  Cult Pens  >  Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen