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CW&T Pen Type-A

CW&T Pen Type-A

CW&T's Pen Type-A is truly a pen of the internet age. Funded by contributions via Kickstarter, Pen Type-A is CW&T's vision of a high-value, satisfying, cherishable and indestructible body for the superb Pilot Hi-Tec-C refill. The Hi-Tec-C (or G-Tec-C as it's more usually known outside Japan) is an extra-fine gel roller refill that's smooth, precise and waterproof. The standard G-Tec-C body is a simple clear plastic capped design. We think it's a bit of a classic, but many people desired a more solid shell for the refill they loved. Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy designed this solution and looked to Kickstarter for funding in July 2011. A month later they'd received 10 times their goal (Cult Pens was naturally astute enough to invest :) and the Pen Type-A adventure was underway. After many trials and tribulations in bringing this to full production, a year later they were fulfilling orders and the pen is probably even better than they had dreamed.

The concept is a simple steel tube, unadorned with decoration or even a CW&T logo. The rear end has a small screw insert which undoes to reveal a discreet CW&T logo on the underside and lets the refill be swapped out.

The casing is a chunk of square-section steel, engraved on one face with a ruler in inches and centimetres. The case will stand up on its end quite steadily. The joy of the precise machining of these pen barrel and case is that dropping the barrel into the case results in a slow descent as the air in the case gradually escapes past the barrel. When removing the barrel from the case there's a satisfying pop as air rushes back into the vacuum left in the case.

CW&T aim for this pen to be passed on to your children and to your children's children. It will probably survive a nuclear attack.

The original production to fulfill the Kickstarter pledges was in China, but has since moved a family-owned machine shop in Vermont, USA. Compared to the original Chinese production, the new US-made pens have a slightly more polished finish. Note that this will readily acquire a machine-shop patina of light scratches simply by the metal-on-metal action of the barrel in the housing. There are no coatings and the fit is tight. This is a good thing!

As for the writing - it's a G-Tec-C 0.3mm black gel refill writing a 0.15mm line. Incredibly fine, incredibly good to write with. We supply both BLSGC3 0.3mm refills, plus the better-known BLSGC4 0.4mm refills (with more colour choices) that are standard in UK G-Tec-C4 pens.

With a little modification, the Pen Type-A can also accept such excellent refills as Pilot G2, Uni-ball UMR, etc.

· Pen Diameter: 9.8mm
· Pen Length: 125mm
· Sleeve Weight: 74g
· Sleeve Length: 120mm
· Sleeve Width: 12mm
· Weight: 50g
· Material: 304 Stainless Steel 

Ref: CP26627
Our Price: 120.00
  100.00 excl. VAT
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Brands  >  CW&T