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Brands  >  Archie Grand

Archie Grand
Archie Grand, the infamous Scandinavian notebook maker. Archie Grand produce high quality notebooks for shopaholics, artists, fashionistas and other breeds of charlatans, scoundrels and luminaries.

Archie Grand notebooks are made with great care. They have a rigid cover, are thread sewn and have a matte leather-like lamination. The size is 160x115mm, to neatly fit the pocket of a suit or a small evening bag.
The JUMBO is an astronomical 410x310mm for your oversized ambition, big ideas, that very long meeting or just that super-sized gift you always planned to give.

Free pack of 6 Archie Grand greeting cards with every Archie Grand notebook!

25% Off Archie Grand
Archie Grand Notebook
Archie Grand Notebook
Standard size 160x110mm
Archie Grand Jumbo Notebook
Archie Grand Jumbo Notebook
410x210mm for big ideas
Archie Grand Information
The legend of the Archie Grand notebook family goes a little like this: Founded in the recession of the 1980s, the original family company found itself in dire straits after the death of Archie's grandfather, Reinhold. Archie was at this time in London attending numerous art colleges. A further decade was spent embroiled in artistic practice until, last year, Archie decided to revamp and revitalise his grandfather's company. Having met some of the characters of English society (Alan Clark, Nigel Coates, Lord Archer, Bruce Bernard, to name a few) during his London years, Archie came upon the notion that each of these charming charlatans should receive a notebook of matching colour; a gift to aid them in their creative pursuits. And so Archie Grand Notebooks, for friend and foe, came into being.
Brands  >  Archie Grand